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Case Study

 How to leverage opportunities of hybrid learning?

During the first lockdown in Spring 2020, a small team of teachers of a high school had introduced Moodle to allow for remote schooling. After the lock down, they observed how most teachers went back to traditional lessons.

Their challenge: how to leverage digital as an opportunity for more diverse, interactive learning experiences, and get all colleagues on board? They coined the term “hybrid learning” for this

The team carried out a survey among colleagues around the opportunities and fears regarding hybrid learning.

They learned that there were very diverse visions on what hybrid learning might mean for the school. Many colleagues still felt unsure how to leverage it and feared they lack the skills or time to include digital learning.

How might we ease the path for our colleagues?

In order to see what works in other schools, the team looked for outside inspiration and created a library of good practice examples of leveraging digital

From that, they developed their big idea for hybrid learning, where learners can define their own learning journey, especially when working on their own, and lessons become more interactive and stimulating through techniques like gamification

Suddenly, there was an emergency: the “open days” to recruit new students had to be carried out 100% online! 

The team took this opportunity to involve some 30-40 colleagues in designing a highly engaging experience for potential new students and their parents, thereby testing a wide range of digital interactive experiences, from gaming to a 360 virtual school visit

As a result, a large proportion of teachers had now experienced new opportunities for hybrid learning and started employing them more in their lessons. 

To go beyond, the team designed a pilot to implement a complete hybrid learning concept in one grade, involving all subjects and offering further training to concerned colleagues.

A Participative Approach

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