Core Team



“Only now – seeing innovationhub.school in action – it becomes apparent to me what it actually is: the dancefloor in all of these great schools where Learning and Innovation finally start dancing together their great dance.”



“The much needed transformation of our schools can’t be mandated top-down. External inspiration can catalyze change, but then every school community needs to go on its very own innovation journey towards its collective vision of how to best accompany young learners in their lives, adapted to its local realities. One size doesn’t fit all!”



“Change and innovation start from within. Which is why it is crucial to empower those who know their own reality best: teachers, learners, school leaders, who are able to drive change from real needs lived in every day experiences. innovationhub.school does just that, providing the tools and opportunity for self-directed innovation, from the inside out.”



“In a time of uncertainty, now more than ever we need to provide future generations with tools to build their own future. Innovationhub.school helps schools and its professionals find new ways to face the future of education and learning collectively so that we can provide future generations with the tools they need. Let’s embark in this innovation journey!”

School Coaching Partners



“To be able to offer schools an opportunity to self-direct themselves through a development process. Finding opportunities to obtain support and feedforward and to be part of a community is such a powerful self-efficacy experience that generates enthusiasm, gives strength and brings ideas to implementation. And this is exactly where innovationhub.school comes in and I enjoy being part of a wonderful support team and a growing community of innovative schools. “


initiative neues lernen e.v.

“Many, if not all schools that I know want to change, become better schools, and make their own individual contribution to equitable and sustainable education. But how does change succeed in the context of challenges a society faces as a whole and on the limit? Where can you start and continue? What areas of opportunity are there and how can these be discovered and designed with joy? The innovationshub.school offers a low-threshold virtual design space in which schools can start, test and implement new innovation projects, small and large, in a community of other school developers with the help of a variety of tried and tested innovation methods and accompanied by a highly motivated support team. Take part – we look forward to seeing you!”


initiative neues lernen e.v.

“School development only works in person? Are you kidding me? Are you being serious when you say that? innovationshub.school brings together the most important building blocks for participatory school development: the immediately understandable process, the intuitive operation, the extensive collection of tools and a growing community of mutually inspiring schools. This has not only convinced many school development teams, but also the Initiative New Learning e.V.
And that’s why I’m happy to be there – as a supporter for innovationshub.school and as a companion for schools.”


HERAEUS Education Foundation

Beate Heraeus

There is a lot of potential in the thoughts of our colorful and diverse society! The innovationhub.schule brings the individual experience of learning and the experiences of the various participants together. Your constructive cooperation initiates the implementation of valuable ideas.

HERAEUS Education Foundation

Alexandra Heraeus

Innovation needs freedom. And this freedom needs space in the system. The innovationhub.school uses collaborative tools, methods and free space for a lively community to anchor innovation in schools.

Our Story

"Innovation in schools depends on chance"

So many things are possible today, so many initiatives are emerging. And yet, in the company of over 100 schools all over Europe, we have seen that chance always seems to need chance for real change in everyday school life: the inspired school management that drives innovation. A chance contact that turns out to be an inspiration for how learning and teaching can work. And in many cases an occasion that allows everyone to understand how necessary change is. These occasions are often crises – perhaps an impending school closure or urgently needed structural renovation or a pandemic.

Do we want to continue to come to terms with randomness? What if all the committed personalities could effectively act innovatively, if all the new possibilities were accessible to them at the right moment, if they could implement them? With this vision, the Heraeus Education Foundation, together with Innova Partners, pushed the co-creation of a solution and laid the foundation for the innovationhub.schule. Our experience and enthusiasm have driven us to tease out of technology exactly what innovative people need in schools.

So many were involved: teachers, students, school administrators, school administrators, scientists, founders, entrepreneurs, innovators and instigators. 

We counted: over 50 personalities and 18 organizations put their hearts, hands and brains together to invent the virtual workbench for school innovation.

After 15 months of exciting development work and a great, insightful pilot phase with 15 fantastic innovation teams from schools of every type and a student council with their fundamentally different concerns in a time of special pandemic challenges, innovationhub.schule is now empowering all innovative forces in school communities in Germany and Europe.

What drives us – now an independent social enterprise and partner of the Heraeus Education Foundation – in this? Our work in and with the foundation has sharpened our focus: Personality sets school! We are convinced: every school is innovative. We are enthusiastic about bringing your diverse resources together and giving you the tools for successful innovation in all aspects of learning. It simply makes us happy to witness how you prepare your students for a self-determined life and real participation in a modern society.

We look forward to working with you every day!
Till & Berit

PS: as a social enterprise, 10% of our ressources go to our school innovation fund. It supports innovation initiatives that are particularly worthy of funding.

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